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Friday, June 1, 2012

Make old its photos Iphone with Old Photo

Old Maker or Old photo is a free application for Iphone that allows its user to give an effect of seniority in their photos and images. It is a useful tool and fun at the same time because we would all know how would our photos in black and white but also useful, given the colors black and white give a look great in the photos.

In effect the applications of this kind already exist online and may be cited by way of example and Cheapstamatic YourOldPic which are also free but for Iphone the latter is a unique in its kind. It is simple to use, it is sufficient to install Old Photo from the app store and then add a photo to make old by clicking on "upload your photo" below the demonstration which will prompt you to add a photo from your albums or taking a new photo via the camera in real time the rest just happens.