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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Add the Google services to its Gmail inbox on Firefox

The email service Gmail sees major changes. From time to time, we found new applications whose purpose is to improve its performance and make it more simple to use. The last of the options added recently is the ability to integrate most of the google services in the Gmail inbox. What do you say of this option, friendly no?

Yes thanks to an add-on Firefox, Integreted Gmail, the users of this browsers will be able to see more options in their inbox that the users of other browsers. Among the services that we can see in our email is google reader, the services of stains, Picasa, the service of google sites, calendar ....

Before we find these services by accessing our Google account, today can be accessed from our email service Gmail. This add-on is easy to use. Once installed you will find these services in the list.

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