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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Google Chrome 4 extensions to exploit Instagram

The google chrome extensions and any other browser we allow you to easily access to the activity of a service or an online application. In this ticket i will assemble a few chrome extensions for better use the application and the network of photos Instagram.

1° Instabrowser :  Is an extension google chrome to view the photos Instagram. It is a kind of photo viewer Instagram on the browser google chrome.

2° Instagram Print:  It is true to its name, this extension allows you to print the photos instagram from the chrome browser.

3° MyGram:  Is a nice extension for users of google chrome which will allow them to seek and exploit the photos Instagram.

4° Search Instagram :  Is another extension google chrome to seek and find all photos Instagram online.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dropbox proposed the sharing of files and directories via a link

Whereas the arrival of the online storage service Drive of Google seems imminent, see potentially available through You By Insync is only available in, Dropbox has just announced that a new option was available for his backup service in the clouds: the sharing of files, or simply via a directory link. This feature is already available on Android, while it should arrive quickly on the web site of the hoster.

The latter allows therefore to share simply, and without any additional formalities, a part of your Dropbox to other people. In effect, your interlocutors do not need to have an account to enjoy, they will need to have the link. We regret however that it is not possible to add a password to protect a minimum the documents in question.

As a reminder, this option is already available in some of its competitors with, for example, SugarSync which you also proposes to create public links to perform a share, but only for a file and not for a directory.

If ever your directory contains photos or videos, it will be possible to preview them on the web site. Dropbox adds that if you have an account, you can also add them to the latter. Of course, your rights to stop there and you will not be able to delete or edit a file.Note By against that you have the ability to revoke a share. For this, it is sufficient to access it via the link while logged in with your account, and then click on the toothed wheel on the top right. No

Summary does appears to be available in order to follow all of the shared that you have made.

The glasses Web of Google, a vision of science-fiction

It is a vision to the Terminator that has presented, on Wednesday, Google, with the small glasses to embed information various in the field of vision of its user. This device, said of "augmented reality", is any of even less frightening than the viewfinder integrated of the cyborg killer interpreted by Arnold Schwarzenegger, but it foreshadows a future where the Web will be ubiquitous in the lives of all days, the point is that regardless of where one is located, with the possibility of access to services such as the GPS with inlay of direction on the field of view or the sending of small electronic messages by voice command. The device called "Project Glass" is still in the prototype stage, but the small transparent screen placed above the eye is already much more discreet than the systems of large eyeshields proposed by other companies.

Google has not yet shown the machine in operation, but has released a short video showing, from the point of view of the user, how the service could operate. We see how a person can view its appointments for the day with his first coffee, check the weather before going out in the streets of New York, change its route along the way, exchange messages with a friend, the all, of course, with the services provided by Google!

The stakes of this system, which is part of the trend of "computers ready to wear", is to Google the opportunity to expand the accessibility of all its services, and the advertising that accompanies, in addition to the smartphones, on which it is already present with its Android system. In February last, rumours announced elsewhere that the glasses of Google also work under Android.

Apple also studied this kind of augmented reality, to evidence a patent filed in 2008 on a system of screens built into the glasses. But Google seems to have taken the advance on its major rival, since the New York Times reports that Google has debauchery at Apple one of the major experts in the field, Richard DeVaul.

The "Project Glass" is developed in the heart of a new top secret laboratory in California, Google X, which works on other alien projects with high potential, such as the car that led any single.

Google will unify its sites around Google+

In a long letter to investors to Google, made public friday, Larry Page is the record of his work at the head of the company he created with Sergey Brin in 1998 and which he took over the direction it was exactly one year ago.

The CEO is on the role of Google+ in Google. "With more than 120 integrations [Editor's note: Google+] to come (including search Google, YouTube and Android), we are on the right track", he says. According to Larry Page, the unification of the services of Google will allow to propose always more relevant results to ensure users have access only to what the really interested: "These are difficult problems to solve without knowing your identity, your centers of interest or the people that are of interest to you".

To allow this simplification, Google has reviewed in depth its conditions of use on 1 March, in order to unify in one and the same text. Larry Page admits that this change has generated significant debate among the internet surfers, but that it was essential to enjoy a "experience much better, more intuitive of Google". This simplification of the research constitutes the "primary objective" of the company in 2012. Larry Page also returns to the "mistakes" of Google, as the recent change of interface which is able to "disrupt users in a prime time". "When we make mistakes, we are trying to the repair as quickly as possible", defends it.

In the future, Larry Page promises that Google will seek to make the Web more open and accessible information as quickly as possible. He noted as well that there is "a huge amount of data in the world which is not yet made public". It thus proposes to display the data in the results of Google using "deep partnerships between the various sectors in many countries". According to the Wall Street Journal, Google will soon respond directly to questions of the users at the top of the search results, and not just the keywords.

Friday, April 20, 2012

2 Free tools to check the speed of its browser

The speed of the web browser is one of the characteristics the most verified after the security to know its performance. Before using one of the browsers and there are several today it will be to first make a small test of speed. To do this there are several free online tools which you will find a few down here.

1° peacekeeper :  Is a good tool to check the speed of its browser online for free. Regardless of the browser that you use, this application can give you a live report on its performance because it supports multiple.

2° dromaeo:  Is another tool that allows you to check the speed of web browsers. The difference between the first and the latter is that the latter only supports the Firefox browser Mozilla while the 1 is more efficient

Thursday, April 19, 2012

4 Best free antivirus 2012

If you use your computer to connect to the internet one of the things that should be your priority is the safety. Given the number of viruses that are circulating in this virtual world and who are awaiting an opportunity to grab your pc, the installation of antivirus software is a essential thing. In this ticket i would like to quote a few antivirus free which have already updated their version for the year 2012.

AVG Antivirus 1 free 2012:  This is one of the best free antivirus on which one can fall into on the net. It guarantees a maximum of security for a computer, it is team of LinkScanner which can protect your computer while surfing on the internet.

2° BitDefender free Edition 2012 :  Another free antivirus that offers some security options offered in its pay-version comma the programming a computer analysis and the ability to see the infected files.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Draw and edit the images on Windows thanks to Hornil StylePix

On this blog applicanet we have already spoken of several applications that allow you to edit images and the retouching of photos online. This are applications that can be of alternatives to Windows desktop tools that come with this system by default. But if you always hold to work on Windows I propose to you try Hornil StylePix, a difficult name to remember but very useful to edit your images.

This is a free tool compatible with Windows which allows users of this system and amateurs alike to the edition of images and photos to edit their images and photos but also the resize. You will be able to add a text to your pictures, their apply effects by changing the colors, rotate the images and correct the red eyes. In addition, if you do not have images to edit you can draw with this tool and create your own original image.

Hornil StylePix exists in several versions including one notebook that can be installed from a USB key and in several languages.

Create an animated gif free thanks to Loogix

Loogix is a beautiful free online application that allows you to create an animated gif easily. Nothing is as easy as to create a gif with this service. It is sufficient to add images from its hard disk for the transform into gif. You will be able to add multiple images as you can add two or three only. from the images added the tool will generate gifs with the speed and the size you want.

This application is very useful to the extent or the gifs are a new form of expression very addressed especially on social networks, then if you have images that you would like to transform into animated gifs to share with your friends, loogix is just what you need. In just a few steps, once the images submitted to the application, you will be invited to choose the size of the gifs that suits you and the speed of the animation before you click on "generate animation".

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mathematics: A software of Mathematics for Windows

The mathematics are part of the exact sciences, it is also one of the matters the most taught in the world since the calculations, the figures and statistics count much today and since always. There are on-line calculators to do simple calculations as a calculator, but also of mathematical calculations.

I gave the example of these calculators very advanced by the tool from Microsoft called Mathematics. It is a Microsoft software intended for mathematicians who use Windows as the operating system. It is there to provide assistance to each person who is interested in the mathematics which is of course the pupils, students and professors. It can make calculated easy or even of calculations difficult. You can also check the veracity of our answered.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fast Facebook, a Facebook client for Android

Fast Facebook is a nice Facebook application for Android which allows its user to quickly connect to their account on the network. The novelty and the difference between this application and the other already existing is that it is lighter to facilitate the connection to the people who have phones less efficient.

If you have suffered from the cumbersome nature of the Facebook network on your phone, this application can give you a free solution, its principle is to omit several options that can consume the memory and therefore make it more heavy a phone as the notifications etc. Fast Facebook is a informal application for Facebook and a client which facilitates the access to the network for the Android phones less efficient.

This application is still in beta version and I invite you to try if you have the desire to connect to the network heavy Facebook, even if the cumbersome and slow may indeed be due to our connection. This client offers all the options offered by Facebook.

Download the photos thanks to Instagram instaport

You know that the social networking giant Facebook has just come to the appropriate photo sharing application Instagram? If this network is is interested in is because it has had a tremendous success. It is a very useful application and nice for fans of the photos. Its Android version just to see the day to finally meet the need of almost all users of mobile devices.

If you have already used instagram to take and share photos via Iphone or Android, you must have now accumulated a hundred pictures, and this is can the time of the download and save the home. If that is your intention and you do not know as well as proceed i offers you here the solution.

Indeed, as there are some applications for download the photos of the social networks they also exist to download the photos of Instagram, yes grace to an application called instaport each can download his pictures quickly and easily. In two steps only, it is sufficient to register at the site with the coordinates of our account Instagram then the application will generate a Zip file in which you will find your photos Instagram. You can choose to download all photos or some only in function of different criteria.

Download the photos Instagram grace instaport to

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Two applications to make screenshots of a web site

One of the benefits of screen capture of web sites, including for the bloggers and webmasters, is to know as the other see our site or blog. Because a blog does not appear always to the other in the same way that we can see. It is for this reason that there are online applications that allow us to take these catches screen. The applications that are are usually based in the United States, the thing that can give us an idea on the look of a site from a different IP to our.
 If you need to take screen shots of a site anyone who for one reason or another i you proposed here two beautiful practical applications and simple to use.

1° Megasnaps  It is a nice application of a screen shot of a site which offers several capture size. If you have the chance to be the only one in the tail of the sites, you only need 20 seconds to generate your capture.

2° snapito  Is another application of the same kind that it is sufficient to enter the URL of a site to generate a screen capture of large size. The screen shots generated by snapito are clearer.

How to read the entire article on Google Reader?

Users of google Reader must have noticed that they can read only the executive summary of the feed which they are subscribed, all depends much on the choice of its author, who has chosen to share all of the content on the RSS feed or only the small summary which includes the first paragraphs of the article so as to arouse the curiosity of the reader and go read the whole on the original site. But today the users have the option to read this feed in full without having to leave google Reader. Therefore, how?

Thanks to a new application called Super Full feeds for google Reader that is in effect an extension for the users of google chrome which is true to its name. Its goal is to lengthen the summary provided by the author of the article as RSS feed to read the entire article on the same page. This may be a collateral damage for the blogger but it is as well its principle. How do I use it? Very simple, just install it like any other extension and once installed you will find other options added to the menu at the top of your player. Click on "super setthings" and choose "full entry content" or on "readable".

Monday, April 9, 2012

Extract the images of office documents with Office Image Extraction Wizard

There are several programs and tools to extract images from PDF documents for use in hand. But few are those that are used to extract these images from office documents such as Excel, and Powerpoint. One of the best examples in this direction is called Office Image Extraction Wizard.

It is a powerful program capable of extracting images from office document such as Excel. You will be able to extract your images easily from any office document. This is a free solution for users of the Windows operating system and which works as a sort of wizard.

One of the special feature of Office Image Extraction Wizard is that it supports several different file formats. The operation of extraction of images can be performed as well on the focuments office such as Excel or Powerpoint, openpffice, Neoffice, Word and many others that on the PDF files

Expatistan: An application to compare the cost of living in two cities

You are thinking to move and go live elsewhere? Everyone wants to do the same for a limited time, but before to travel there is nothing left to chance, it must have an idea on the life in the city of your destination. With the evolution of the technology, while it can be done online without moving from your home. As this? Very simple, an application called Expatistan is here to help you.

It is an application that is based on the collaboration of many people who have participate to communicate the price of their city in terms of food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and many others.

Its principle is simple, it is an application which is asked to compare between two cities of our choice and it is responsible for we communicate the result in different areas which I spoke at the beginning.

Newsmap: An application to read google news in color

Google News is a google service that allows you to read any sort of information to its publication. It is a kind of global chain that follows everything that is published and it is shared online in real time. But this service has not changed in appearance since its creation, at the time or the users have been waiting to see other options to better take advantage of the service.

Fortunately this is no longer the case, thanks to a nice application as NewsMap, users can follow google news otherwise, at least in color and in a beautiful well-organized interface which allows you to distinguish between the different information. As the name reveals, it is a kind of map to the info google and in colors. If you have the habit of using this service, you'll probably love this new option which supports all the languages and a lot of countries. Users can also choose the type of info to read according to the topics below the table. No registration is required, it is sufficient to connect to the site and then choose the country which the news we are interested in and it is done.

4 Services to use the shortcuts links without risk

The users of social networks are forced to use the services of shortening links including on Twitter to get more characters for the tweet. But the concern that raise a lot of these services is that a lot of users who clicked on these hidden links in the shortcuts do not know where this leads, which calls into question the safety of the users on these networks. To remedy this situation the users have to go through the applications whose security is proven or other services that can verify the destination of links without having to click it.

1° longurl  This is a site that allows its users to discover the site of destination to which leads the shortened link before use.

2° urlxray  A nice application that can reveal the links long who hide behind the shortcuts links. You can click through the following on the true link.

3° sucuri  A free service for putting us in security and away from the risk of malware that are hiding behind a few shortcuts. It allows you to discover the true link.

4° urlex  Another free application, quick and easy to discover the real links of shortcuts to not be victim of the virus or sites of scam.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Google undersea: a search on Google is now under the sea

 Today another nice application is in is inspired to get the content to the depths of the sea.

It is google undersea. It is true to its name, this application has the same principle that google gravity with a small difference is that the linker to break the google home page and leave the bomber on the ground, the latter fact drown all of the content in the sea with its search bar. Google undersea has a nice user interface which floats on the water. For the try simply enter a keyword in the search bar and then click as usual on "ok". You'll notice that the word research fell from the sky to finish in the bottom of the sea with the sharks.

YouTube Slam: create its own competition of YouTube videos

YouTube Slam is a new option offered by the platform of YouTube videos to allow its users to create a kind of competition between the videos published on this site. The idea is to compare between two different videos to choose the best among them.

At the beginning the girls of command have been in the hands of YouTube but today, after a year of the test, the platform has launched this application for users to be able to create their string Slam. To do this simply go to the link to YouTube Slam, click on "create slam" and then choose the videos to do participate in the contest from our own YouTube channel. Users will be able to share the link for their assistance with their friends to choose their favorite videos. The application can we communicate the competition statistics in real time.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rohos logon face: a program of facial detection to secure access to Windows

The security of operating systems is always in continuous improvement is a criterion that should not be overlooked especially in the middle of the stream of viruses which are born each day and the attacks of scam, which are aimed at the users as well for business and personal computers. The security may also relate to the protection of a system to not be used by another person in a same place and on this side that I would like to talk about today.

The basic technique to ensure to protect its computer and prevent it being used by someone else is to protect it by a password, today we can make use of more advanced techniques such as those that use the diamond banks a long time ago, the facial detection.

Grace the face software rohos logon, we can strengthen the security of our computer by programming our system to start only after having recognized our face via the camera of the system. It is a software for Windows users, it is available in paying version with free trial of 15 days.

Nitro PDF Reader: a reader and a converter for PDF files

Adobe Reader is a leader when you are talking about the readers of Pdf file but that does not mean that the users wish to try other alternatives that can add a small addition to the basic application of Adobe Reader and they would have liked there to be more options than the reader of the files. And this is already in effect and the tools that are both readers and converters. In this sense I mentioned Nitro PDF Reader.

It is at once a PDF reader and a powerful converter. It offers many options and consumed by against fewer resources. Among its beautiful features is that it is able to correct the errors, another option allows you to create a PDF file, as well as a good manoeuvrability images in the file in question. Adobe Reader is also a new more advanced versions that meet the multiple needs of the users. Nitro PDF Reader can also zoom the files for the clearly read and adopted the commands for running with the keys and buttons. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows7 and even windows8

Delete the Timeline on Facebook through Timelineremove

TimeLineRemove is a nice application that brings together several extensions for most browsers that allows you to delete the timeline on the Facebook social network. This application came about to provide a solution to these users who hated the new timeline update recently by Facebook.

It is a nice option to get rid of the timeline Facebook on almost all browsers, for the time being there are a extension for google chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and soon will be available for Opera.

Once installed, this application will allow you to put an end to the chronology on Facebook easily. On google chrome just install it and refresh the Facebook page or restart the browser.