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Friday, February 24, 2012

uwhisp: Send voice messages via Twitter and Facebook

The advantage of MSN Messenger is its ability to allow users to communicate among themselves in writing and orally. It is an asset that few of the services offer. We attended the colossal success of social networks like Facebook and Twitter but the textual communication was sufficient for a user who request without more performance. In effect these networks have also recently in services of Messenger as Jointim for Twitter.

Today there is a new service in the same direction. It is a matter of uwhisp, a good solution for sending voice messages via the social networks of fame Facebook and Twitter. This is an extension which gives us the possibility of exchanging voice messages while working on Facebook and Twitter.

A nice feature of this extension is that it is compatible with multiple browsers including Google chrome, Firefox and Safari. To use, just install it like any other extension, click the icon in the extension and then register and connect the service to its Twitter account or Facebook except that sometimes it is invited to create a second account for use with the second network.

Once connected to a red button appears, click on "REC" to begin recording, once completed one can share in our networks.

10 applications to clean its ANDROID and make it more efficient

As there is a need to clean our Windows system or Mac for more performance and make the computer more rapid we will need the same options for operating systems mobile as Iphone and ANDROID. The latter, indeed, has several applications that aim to clean up the history of this system and thus improve its performance.

 1° History Eraser Is a nice application whose objective is to crush the history of its camera ANDROID to a faster.

2° Quick History Cleaner:   It is true to its name. This application allows you to erase the history of navigation of a ANDROID system quickly.

3° History Clean:   An application to make the system ANDROID clean and gain more space.

4° History Eraser pro:   An application pro and free to crush the navigation history for ANDROID.

5° Android systeme cleaner:   An application to do the household on ANDROID. A cleaning advance in 
relation to other applications.

Cashe cleaner app:   A cleaner of kosher to release a large space in the memory of his ANDROID.

7° History eraser francais:   A nice application for french nettroyer his camera ANDROID.

 8° Nettoyant 1 click:  In a click this application can clean a camera ANDROID and make it faster as before.

 9° Nettoyeur intelligent:  An intelligent application to clean its system ANDROID of everything that can the burden.

 10 Cache cleaner bonny:  Another nice application to clean the cache on its
 system ANDROID.

Page STICKIES: An extension chrome to add post-it on web pages

When we worked on our computer we still have a need to mark something which we think is important on the screen in a manner that does not forget since the sites they consult always gives us the ideas and inspirations. Indeed, there are several ways to take notes online, but if you need to add post-it to a web page all what you need is an application like Page STICKIES.

It is a extension google chrome intended to add post-it on web pages easily and quickly. It is an application to the time fun, useful and practice enabling its users to add notes on the web pages for the use as a reminder.

One of the best features of this application is that the post -it can be permanently visible even after restarting the browser as long as they are not deleted by the user itself.

VirusFighter: a antivirus free for ANDROID

The ANDROID devices are increasingly targeted by the virus since they are widely used to connect to the internet. It is for this reason also there are antivirus for ANDROID. They are of antivirus new as lookout 

Today I would like to talk about a new antivirus to better protect your phone.

It is a matter of VirusFighter, a product of Spamfighter who just to run this service for users of android to enable them to strengthen their measures with regard to security. It is a beautiful complete application to protect its phone ANDROID who can between other check the applications installed as the first source of threats. VirusFighter is designed to detect and protect us including against viruses, malware and Trojan horses. It is complimentary on the market for ANDROID and supports several languages.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

IOS: a security flaw for the lock code

A security flaw allows you to access the phone functions of the iPhone. 

After a security flaw of the Smart Cover on the Ipad 2 which allowed to bypass the lock by code, fortunately corrected under iOS 5.0.1 , here is that a new security flaw allows you to bypass the lock by code on an iPhone. The handling is relatively complex and need to withdraw several times the SIM card while trying to recall a missed call. It then becomes possible to access the log of calls, the favorites and the address books. On the other hand, it still seems impossible to access the applications and the rest of the phone. This new security flaw will surely be corrected with the updated 5.1 of IOS whose output is provided in the course of the month of March, shortly after the presentation of the Ipad 3.

iPhoneIslam found that by trying to make a call using a missed call notification, while without a signal, the iPhone could be unlocked.
Do yourself a favour and skip to 2:40 of the video

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ANDROID 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich: for who?

You have a terminal ANDROID who started to paddle a little and would like to be able to update to the new version of the OS, Ice Cream Sandwich, which will allow you a navigation more fluid and intuitive in the menus on your little gem? Unfortunately, technical characteristics insufficient, the willingness of the different manufacturers or not to grant to their models a extension of life… everyone is not equal before the update, and all terminals cannot move to Android 4.0 .

models consistent to this day by brand, and therefore of those who will be allowed to pass in upper class. The results of the year-end review of the terminals Android, in some way. 

The Tablet promoted under ANDROID 4.0
  • Acer : Iconia Tab A200, A100, A500
  • Archos : G9 101, G9 80
  • Asus : Transformer, Transformer Prime, EeePad Slider
  • Huawei : MediaPad
  • Motorola : Xoom Wi-Fi, Xoom 2, Xoom 2 Media Edition
  • Samsung : Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, Galaxy Tab 7.7, Galaxy Tab 8.9, Galaxy Tab 10.1
  • Sony Mobile : Tablet S, Tablet P
The SMARTPHONES promoted under ANDROID 4.0
  • Google : Nexus S
  • HTC : Desire HD, Desire S, Incredible S, Evo 3D, Sensation, Sensation XE, Sensation XL, Rezound
  • LG : Optimus Black, Optimus 2X, Optimus 3D, Prada 3.0
  • Motorola : Atrix 2, RAZR
  • Samsung : Galaxy SII, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S
  • Sony Mobile : Xperia Arc, Xperia Arc S, Xperia Mini, Xperia Mini Pro, Xperia Pro, Xperia Ray, Xperia S, Xperia Play, Xperia Neo, Xperia Neo V

An output on the iPhone 5 in September or October?

The next phone to Apple, the iPhone 5, could be launched in the autumn, in September or October, understands the japanese site Macotakara. This new model would have an aluminum hull, according to the site occurred while accessing media BRG

Questioned, Apple only wishes to "not comment on the rumours and speculation"

Since 2007, Apple launched each year a new model of its iPhone. The last date, the iPhone 4S, was released in October 2011.

Sony Bloggie Duo

The mini camcorder Sony Bloggie Duo allows you to take part in your own video clip and photos. But that is all it is doing.

The Bloggie Duo is a mini camcorder that has the particularity to possess a second LCD screen 2 inches in front facade which allows you to be a player of your videos or photos. A function not essential but practice just the same.

Except this particularity, the Bloggie Duo is pretty basic. It does not have a lot of functions. This has the merit of simplicity. But it does you will not be many more for your money.

The video quality is not exceptional but in any case be sufficient for what this product is intended to know how to share its clips on Facebook or YouTube. Is better to avoid moving subjects and know that the resolution 1080p does not give extraordinary results on the big screen.

 The Bloggie Duo can also take pictures, in full auto mode only. They are of good quality in full light only. The Bloggie Duo will give you satisfaction if you stick to the purpose for which this camcorder handheld was designed: the sharing of photos and videos online.

Top search engines of all types of files

The sharing of files online is an unavoidable necessity today. Because he has realized this participation of the internet to make life easier for its users. It is for this reason also the platforms are entire born such as Rapideshare to host these files and to facilitate their sharing. The problem is that by force to share a lot of files every day by millions of users, it becomes difficult to find a specific file among millions of others, to resolve this we need specialized search engines in this kind of research. In this article, i will quote some of these search engines which will help you to find files that look and in several format, video, audio, pdf, MP3 and many others.

1° FilesTube:   A search engine for files in all genera audio, video, MP3, zip and many others.

2°  rapidlibrary:  As its name indicates, it is a kind of bookstore for all types of files shared on the different platforms to download files such as Rapidshare, 4share and others.

3° ineedfile2:  Another search engine of files specializes in the files from rapidshare. It facilitates the search for a file in any format hosted on this site.

  filez:  Quite as Ineedfile2, except that sometimes it may also seek and find files on other sites like megaupload.

5° filesearch:   Another search engine on the greatest site for sharing files Rapidshare which several search engines have been dedicated.

6° sharingengines:   A search engine for files generalist who takes into consideration several platforms namely: Rapidshare, megaupload, hotfile, mediafire and other popular sites in this area.

7° sharedigger:   Search engine of files, the former in the field and efficient. It is enough to enter a key word and choose the site for you find all the related files.

8° filecrop:   A search engine for files incredibly fast and efficient. Most of found files are in ZIP format. This makes it easy to download.

Two applications ANDROID to transfer the files via Wifi between a computer and ANDROID

If one consults the market of applications ANDROID you will be surprised at the number of applications which are born each day. Applications whose aim is we facilitate the manipulation of this system by the reconciling with the elders not to remain in the gap.

 1° AirDroid:  Is a beautiful free application for users of android which allows them to transfer their files between the ANDROID phones and the computer. They will be able to transfer files photos, audio, and many others at a distance through the WIFI network.

2° Wifi File Transfer :   This application between in the same category of applications that allow the transfer of files between an android phone and a computer via the Wifi network easily.

Download the game League of Evil2 for Iphone

The game League of Evil2 is now available on the App Store and accessible to everyone for free after a long wait. It is compatible with Iphone, ipod touch and Ipad. After a version first successful behold a suite which will not be different both at the level of the snapping and at the level of the design.

It is a beautiful suite Maniac equivalent to a inevitable death with beautiful graphics improved so much. League of Evil2 offers 100 levels of play divided into five worlds for inviting us and to play for days without reaching the end. If you with an Iphone 3G, Iphone 4, ipod touch, IPAD and Ipad2 i invite you to download League of Evil2 free in its lite version at five levels and 79 cents for a full version but only for a few days. After it will be sold at 3.16 dollar.

Create a digital photo album thanks to Photopixar

An image is a history which embodies our memories and the Immortalized. who among us has not of albums who are brimming with his photos to children or those of his family and friends? These photos become over time a treasury board to keep it in a place on. Today they can be kept for ever in discs whatever it in either the number. You can even classify them in digital albums to give them a look friendly thanks to tools like PhotoPixar.

It is a nice application to create photo albums from our photos that we kept on our hard disk. It is a software which is working to transform the wire photos into a beautiful video in the form of slideshow.

Photopixar places at our disposal several templates to choose the one who speaks to us as well as the possibility to customize the sound effect that accompanies the parade of our photos. It is compatible for Windows XP, Vista and Windows7.

Pdf2xl: a tool to convert PDF files into Excel

Convert a PDF file to other formats has become a game of children thanks to the simple tools that exist today online. If you need to transform your pdf file in Excel you can use PDF to Excel a powerful application for the conversion or even the one that I propose to you today Pdf2XL.

Pdf2xl is a free tool and simple which enables you to convert PDF files into Excel in a few seconds only. it is able to extract any data from the PDF files that it is the pages or the tables and convert the Excel format. It is compatible with several versions of Windows, Xp, Vista, and Windows7.

To learn how to use i suggest you see this video of explanation:

Download Pdf2XL

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Ipad 3 could be announced in March

According to the information of the site AllThingsD of the Wall Street Journal, the Ipad 3 of Apple would be presented during the first week of March.

 The announcement would be on the occasion of a conference in San Francisco.
 Although the site has no information concerning the date of exit of the Ipad 3, it is presumed that the marketing will begin a week after his announcement, as was the case for the Ipad 2.

 The rumors about its specificity technical speak of a tablet with a faster processor, with graphic capabilities increased and a resolution of 2048 pixels by 1536.

The internet browser Chrome made its entry on ANDROID

The internet browser from Google is adapted to the latest version of its operating system mobile.

In addition to the default browser for Android, Google offers since Tuesday, the portage of its desktop navigator, Chrome, on its mobile devices. Chrome for ANDROID is available in the framework of a version "beta", compatible only for appliances, smartphone or tablet, teams of android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich", and for users in twelve countries, including the United States and France.

In terms of functionality, the application allows you to synchronize the tabs open and the favorites of both versions of the browser, computer or mobile. It is also possible to send a page in the course of reading on computer, toward its smartphone in order to be able to consult in mobility, as it was already the case with the extension Chromium to Phone developed by Google. The navigation between the different tabs is also simplified, with the passage of one tab to another with the dragging of finger, or a comprehensive view of tabs open.

Finally, the incognito mode already present on the desktop version of Chrome will also do its emergence on the mobile. This mode allows you to not keep in memory the words of past, the history of navigation or the cookies of the sites visited. Has noted that, Chrome for ANDROID is not compatible with Flash, abandoned in favor of HTML5. Adobe had announced, November 2011, stop to develop its Flash Player for smartphones.

By proposing a second browser in addition to the default application, Google returned in competition with third-party developers such as the Mozilla Foundation that distributes Firefox Mobile, or Opera, which offers, in addition to its browser for desktop PC, two browsers to destination of the mobile devices. Nevertheless, as indicated by the mention "beta", it should be that of a testing phase before that Chrome is being extended to all ANDROID devices and installed by default on the mobile OS.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Way-C : Tablet Made in Africa

Who said that Africa could not propose a technological alternative? With its trademark VMK, the Congolese verona Mankou empties into the arena with the way-C, a tablet ANDROID soon followed by a smartphone 

The Congo is ready to invade Africa then Europe (who knows ?) with his own tablet well of her own home, the way-C. A product of 7 inches - as the first Galaxy Tab from Samsung, either 18 cm diagonal measurement of the screen - under ANDROID 2.3 GINGERBREAD designed to attack the market for the entry of range, without sacrificing the quality of the camera. Verona Mankou, creator of the VMK society, does not come out as if by magic from a hat to try to scrape a little business digital. The revelation, touch this young entrepreneur from Brazzaville, the son of an engineer and a teacher, the has, during the presentation of the first iphone by Steve Jobs, in 2007.

This is already a year he worked on the best way to democratize Internet, without necessarily pass through the means "logical" (PC, notebook…) that the traditional logistics makes it difficult to put in place in Africa. The iPhone, Verona Mankou the already sees in his head in version XL. A product larger than a smartphone, easy to connect, tactile and cheap. The idea grew quickly, the concept is emerging precisely in a few months… but the lack of means and investors on place leaves the dream of tablet of Verona in a drawer, in 2009. Its touch revolution will wait. 

Finally, in 2011, the concept may finally be realized. The success of the Ipad and especially a lack of products available in Africa - we found the top of the range, then from the entry of range little expensive but of very poor quality - Accelerate the resumption of the project. "The market hi-tech in Africa is in full growth, i would even say that it is the only market in the world or a growth to four figures is still possible," we entrusted verona Mankou. The way-C supports life, little by little, always in the hope of touching the greatest number. "The African, not having a great purchasing power, wishes for a product of the same quality as the one available in the West… for a very low price, explains verona Mankou. The market is therefore plays on the price-quality ratio. It is here that we will pull out our out of the game. We will propose that products of very good quality at very affordable prices. »

In good contemporary industry, VMK is cosied up with a Chinese plant for mass production of the camera. However, the design of circuits comes from the spirit of the contractor. The Chinese plant achieved the way-C according to the plans supplied by VMK. Nothing is acquired "key-in-hands". The tablet includes the ANDROID Market, the official catalog of applications from Google, but also offers a VMK Market which " selects the best of the ANDROID Market, because it is not easy to find with hundreds of thousands of applications. The VMK market also highlights the applications developed by developers Africans", said verona Mankou. Equipped with a processor ARM Cortex A8 cadence to 1.2 GHz (+ 512 MB of RAM), a storage memory of 4 Gb, a slot micro SD to increase the memory, WiFi and a definition of screen of 800 x 480 pixels, the way-C is marketed at 150,000 CFA francs, or 228 euros.

Verona Mankou is also attracted by the smartphone. Logic. VMK worked as well on a model, in the shape of miniature replica of the tablet (photo of the prototype above). The tablet Way-C landed at this time in the Congo as well as in 11 other countries in Africa. But verona Mankou does not want to restrict itself to the cradle of humanity, he dreams of Europe and thus seeks actively for new distributors, so that the way-C - and its smartphone where appropriate - find asylum on websites merchants of the Old Continent. And to see the features and the price of the tablet signed VMK, she should not have to blush to some products positioned at the same price. Soon, the VMK in our countryside? That is all the misfortune that there may be a hope in Verona Mankou and VMK.