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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Download online videos thanks to ClipGrab

To watch online videos today there are several platforms of videos that offer this content such as YouTube and Dailymotion. There are also sites which retrieve videos of the two previous sites to offer to their towers in specific categories. We can thanks to these site watch videos for hours and hours but there is no better than to be able to see on his office for the stop and resume the reading when one wishes without connection problem. To do this, you will need a tool to download video. And I can offer you a good example here.

It is of ClipGrab, a free tool and simple which allows you to download online videos easily and quickly without difficulties. Far from being created for a particular site, this tool can help us to download videos from different platforms. This encourages to use ClipGrab this is also its nice interface and easy to understand and it is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows7. It is also a versatile tool since it allows you to easily convert the downloaded videos.

A chrome extension to see images of Wikipedia without leaving the article

Wikipedia is a real mine of information that appears the first on the pages google when they search. You have probably used this encyclopedia many times and you should notice that whenever we wish to see a photo that shows the article we sum compelled to leave the article to see the image in its original size. This concern is no longer with an application for users of google chrome.

It is in fact an extension called google chrome Wikipedia Preview Image which the objective is to view the images in their maximum size without having to leave the article that we are in the process of reading. It is an application that seems to have taken the time to see the day given that this kind of services already exists for the social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

After the installation you can simply click on the image to view and it will be open to full screen to see all its detailed in the original size in high quality and the article appears below which one can go back directly after the window closes for the image.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Bookr: Create a book with images from Flickr

Bookr is a fun application that allows its users to create a book with the photos to Flickr. Its name summary its operation, Book which means the book and "r" which refers to the platform of photos and Flickr pictures.

We can create virtual small books with personal text and images from Flickr. It is a service that allows you in some way to appoint the photos on Flickr by adding the text as the title of the page from the book and then the image that is being added to from Flickr. To use it, it does not require any registration, it is enough to choose a name and a tag to seek and find on Flickr of images relating to our interests. We are also able to add text to our photos and several pages to create a beautiful book with beautiful pictures of all kinds.

MyGreatWorld: a site that presents magnificent pictures throughout the world

If like me you like the photos. I would like to introduce to you a pause photos and a relaxation to view a few photos that were taken throughout the world. High-quality photos that will enable us to knowledge of the places that we have never visited or known. This is a site that has been spent in integer to these photos and that its author has called My best world or MyGreatWorld.

In his best world this person has consolidated a lot of photos and other arrivals will be to capture the beautiful places and extraordinary country across several countries of the world including Europe, America and Asia. You will be you-same surprised of the stunning quality of submitted photos.

The site is well organised in such a way as to offer to its visitors a good visit from all over the world via a google map that enables us to access first to a chosen country and then find photos to watch. The photos that can be those of nature, historical monuments, imperial cities and many others.

PicMonkey: Another simple application to edit the pictures and images

PicMonkey is a new application for editing images and photos online that offers a few simple options and basic effects to add to our photos. The application is completely free, and it is accessible to everyone.

Very simple to use everything that we have to do is to add a photo or image you want to edit from our disk and then begin to change it by making use of options on the left.

For example, we can rotate the images, resize or even change the colors by playing on the combinations. We will also be in a position to add text. And it supports multiple image formats.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Yuilop: Send free sms in 100 countries via Android

Yuilop is a nice application Android which allows users of these phones to send SMS messages through the world and free. It is also, in addition, a good communication platform which allows you to put in contact users as on other networks.

Very useful particularly that the service it offers is free. Users of Yuilop can therefore send messages free and unlimited in more than 100 countries. It is also a good tool for instant messaging that allows its user to chatter together and can even integrate it into the network Facebook to find their friends on this social network. As on Twitter Yuilop allows you to compose messages which should not exceed 160 characters but the fact of having the ability to send unlimited messages we can write as much as you want. The small concern that a few users will meet is that of the language because the application is in German.

TabMemFree: An extension to make faster google chrome

When you use the browser google chrome or any other browser you have pointed out that each time they are opened several tabs automatically loads these and so they take up more memory which makes it slow all the browser. The solution in this case is to find a way to unload the tabs which has not been needed for a given time. This solution is available thanks to the extension TabMemFree chrome.

Its operation is simple. Just install it, once the icon appears in the toolbar, click on it to unload the tabs and a second click to reload the open windows. She has two options to set up its operation, the time out and the Tick to customize the time of inactivity of the tabs.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Find out who has stolen my tweets through Whostolemytweet

Today there is another application less important, in fact, because it is relative to the twitter network and the "theft" of tweets.

It is a fun application that helps us to know who has the same tweets that we. Its principle is simple, it accesses our Twitter account after you have entered our pseudo and seeks if there is no of tweets similar in other accounts for the Listers.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Xlate Shutter: An extension chrome to save all open tabs

A majority of internet users may not see a single web page, but they papillonnent between multiple sites and social networks unless they read a book online in this case they must close all other windows to be able to focus. In doing so the users keep multiple tabs open at a time which may increase the display of pages.

To avoid this problem, of cumbersome and not to open multiple pages, there is a fine extension google chrome which allows us to organize these tabs open and save them for later access, this may be in a few moments or at any other time and anywhere since they will be registered on the account google account used when the navigation.

Check its knowledge free of charge thanks to ThatQuiz

ThatQuiz is a strictly educational site that offers exercises and activities for students to solve. This kind of site we need a lot at the time or the social networks have taken a lot of time of people especially the youth. It is a very useful site which will allow anyone who wishes to train and check its knowledge through exercised, modest, but very useful.

All exercises are in the form of a Quiz to respond in different materials to know; mathematics, geography, science and the vocabulary.

This is a site that makes it easier for us all because we are not even obliged to we register for the use. Simply click on the matier that it wants to and we started to exercise.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lock your android application : 3 free solutions

Android has become since some time the operating system a number which is installed in our smartphones, shelves .... the number of applications available on google play is in constant progress. We install all not bad for applications on our equipment but are we on to be quiet level security screws a screw of the confidentiality of our applications and our relatives, friends . .... Here are today 3 free solutions which will enable us to lock the latter on our devices.

When I spoke to lock the applications present on our smartphones .. . i think well on, locking of any application by password or other.

APP lock :  AppLock, is a solid tool for locking down the applications. AppLock will protect your applications installed by using a password or a pattern. Uncannily enough tool for a free, it can lock any application which is really nice.

Fast App Lock:  A good coup of hand to protect your mobile phone with the first use you won't have to worry about prying eyes or the theft of information. Touch the widget on your "office" to lock or unlock the applications. Easy to use, this application quickly becomes essential to your daily life.

  Smart App Protector:   Smart App Protector protects the applications that you choose with a password or a model. Small more, this application can also disable the applications that you choose and a few other small interesting tidbits.

My WCP Start Screen Customizer: a software to easily customize the bottom of the start screen of Windows 8

My WCP Start Screen Customizer is a free software for Windows 8 which allows you to easily customize the bottom of the screen to start as well as its colors. It is possible to go back and restore the default settings.

Note from the author of the software: following the choice of the image format for the substance made by Microsoft, the possibilities are limited for a better result i recommend that you use a background in gray level, with in the middle a black band.

The first real photo of the Samsung Galaxy S 3?

The Samsung Galaxy S 3 has had its share of rumours and false visual but today it seems that we are either in the possession of the first real image of the future bestselling novel by Samsung.

In effect, this photo of the Galaxy S 3 comes from the German communication agency of Weber Shandwick which has especially for client Samsung.

If one believes the screen of the device, the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S 3 would take place in London on 22 May next, which confirms the theory of a campaign pub of great magnitude during the OJ in London.

In addition, if you look at the image more closely, in addition to a superb design and very end, we note the presence of a button for the camera. Knowing the excellent photo quality of its big brother, it is right to hope that the Galaxy S 3 will be even better.

Of course, this photo could once again be a false but for the first time it seems to me credible and I hope that this is the case both the design of this Samsung S3 Galaxy seems success…

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Two free applications to convert an image to text

The converters of images online there are a lot, but convert an image to text are not very many. In this article I will speak only of two applications of this kind that I have found on the internet. In effect, the rarity of these converters is may be due to their importance little justified.

1° photo2text:  Is a free application and fun which allows you to convert an image to a text. It supports multiple image formats.

Fotoatexto: An application in spanish which allows you to convert a free image to text. Easy to use, simply add the image to convert, choose the personal settings and then click "Convert".

Compatible with all systems with veovideoconverter

With smartphones and other mobile devices it is often in the face of the problem of the format for play the videos online. Users will often invited to download the video in the format that is to be able to read and this is not the case for the pc. The only solution in this case is to convert the videos in question to the compatible format.

To do this, you must appeal to several tools that exist or even try an online application that allows you to convert these videos to all formats. It is of veovideoconverter, a beautiful free application that in only a few steps you have your video readable on the desired equipment. How is done? Very simple, simply go to the site veovideoconverter, add the video to convert either from your hard drive, or a link, select the target device and then enter the email to receive the download link. Is there as simple as that?

CursorFX: a tool to change the look of the mouse of the computer

Has forced to use our computer it becomes annoying to see the same options on its screen starting with the mouse. We would like for example see other forms of the mouse just to change the default form. If this is the case for you, it is easy to change the appearance of your mouse through the tool CursorFX.

It is a tool which allows you to change the mouse pointer with the effects of lighting and other fun options. You will be able to finally having a mouse in colors for your computer, you will be able to apply multiple effects offered free by the application.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

20 Applications for the new iPad Retina Display

The new iPad you typed in the eye? You have completely cracked or you plan to do so in the near future? It is great, but do you know that all of the applications available on the AppStore are not yet optimized for its screen Display Retina? And no, it is a sad but be aware that some publishers have taken the lead and today, it is possible to find on the app store of Apple a few applications that derive full part. History to help you, so here are 20 applications optimized for the new iPad Retina Display.

And they have everything. Applications of pure and hard, of course, but also a few games. Of course, all of these applications are not necessarily free, but at least you will have to fill your brand new touch pad. So here is the list of some of the applications optimized for the screen of the new iPad:

There is good and less good but it still allow you to do your shopping while waiting for all other applications that you use on a daily basis to be updated. Finally, it should be noted that Cupertino has opened a special section on its AppStore to celebrate the arrival of its new iPad, so do not hesitate to go there from time to time to discover new applications which will enable you to get the most from your new slate.

PDF995: a toolkit for manipulating Pdf files

Pdf995 is another tool to add to the list of applications and online tools that allow us to create a PDF file It is a free desktop program. It is in fact a toolkit to handle this kind of files. We can thanks to PDF995 convert Word files to PDF format or even merge multiple files together.

The number 995 in his name may be an exaggeration but this applications includes a number of different services including the only objective is to use the PDF files Among its options, among others, it may protect the PDF files with a password.

Since it is a desktop program Pdf995 can operate offline and it can be integrated in the Word files to facilitate the conversion.

Hamster Free Video Converter: a free video converter

The converters of the videos are very many in line with the differences of course at the level of capacity and the performance of each individual. But Hamster remains one of the best ever known. This is a video converter that has a great success not only because it is powerful but especially because in addition to its capacity and it is always totally free.

Hamster Free Video Converter is a nice alternative to many programs which have preceded. It supports multiple formats including 3GP, AVI, MPEG, DVD, HD, FLV, WMV, MP4 and well. Simple to use thanks to its beautiful user-friendly interface and it supports multiple languages, including of course the French. Hamster Free Video Converter is compatible with multiple versions of Windows: Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows7. But its best feature is its ability to convert multiple videos at the same time. It has been downloaded by more than 8 million people so far.

Download Hamster Free Video Converter

Pinterest Zoom: An extension chrome to zoom the pictures on Pinterest

Application designers are trying to provide the same applications for all social networks or at least those that have experienced the success. In the area of photos, there was an application to zoom the shared photos on google more and it is the turn of Pinterest for having such an application.

This new application allows you to zoom and see the pictures and images shared on Pinterest without having to access the article. It is in effect an extension google chrome which requires no installation of another. Just install it and a mouse on the photo and image will enable us to see the photo in question in its original quality.

A simple service but also very useful as it will prevent users clicks to access the article just to see the original image

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Create free logo: 10 sites to draw on the ideas of other

Each company or a blog must have a distinctive mark or his own logo which stands out from the other. A professional logo is a necessity and a blogger or a contractor is requested to call in a professional field. Except if he mastered the techniques of design a blogger can make use of the most well-known tools such as Photoshop or even free applications online that allow you to create a logo at no charge. But because of a lack of inspiration you may need a few reference in this side. That is why I thought to quote here a few sites that have a number of logos loans for inspiration to create the our.

1° logofaves A good reference site for logos for inspiration. You can search by the most recent, most popular random or logos.

 2° logomoose:  This site features logos of very high quality that deserves to be guided to customize ours.

  3°logolounge: A beautiful site of logos to inspire the furbishing. It is updated almost daily with new logos.

 4° logofury : A website which presents a number of logos with new ideas which would indicate a very good imagination and a extraordinary creativity.

 5° creattica:   A true site design which presents samples not only of logos but also business cards, graphics, templates of sites .

6° logopond:  A good example to emulate in terms of design of logos. It includes the logos of high quality and a fabulous imagination.

7° logooftheday:  Each you will find a new logo on this site. If you want to create a simple logo i suggest you take a look on this site.

 8° logofromdreams;  The ideas of great logos are not to be missed on this site. As its name said this are logos, that come from the imagination and dreams of their creator.

9° logospire:  Before you create your logo take a look at this site to inspire you to beautiful ideas that it brings to light.

10° brandsoftheworld:  A good library of logos simple for the beautiful eyes of furbishing for inspiration and create their own logo.

25 Billion of applis = $4 billion redistributed

Apple past the cap of 25 billion of downloaded applications. Developers of applications, which earn money by advertising or the sale of their mini-programs, have been able to share more than $4 billion redistributed.

Apple has announced Monday the crossing of the cap of 25 billion of downloaded applications on its online shop AppStore, accessible to 315 million portable devices iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Chunli Fu, resident of Qingdao (China), has been offered a good to purchase iTunes of a value of $10,000 to have downloaded the 25 billionth application, said Apple in a press release. It was a free game published by Disney, Where's my Water.

In total, the AppStore shop offers more than 550,000 applications, including 170,000 designed specifically for the tablet iPad, which all had to follow a procedure for the approval of Apple before they find online.

"We would like to thank our customers, and developers for we have aid to reach this historic milestone of 25 billion downloads", has argued the manager of Internet services for Apple, Eddy Cue, quoted in the press release.

Developers of applications, which earn money by advertising or the sale of their mini-programs, have been able to share more than $4 billion redistributed by Apple, has stressed the Californian group in a press release.