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Monday, December 3, 2012

AppAide: To find easily the Iphone applications the most used

For a new user of the portable devices Android or Ios it is essential to find the applications which one usually uses on PC. It is for that it will be necessary to seek all these applications to one on the market Android or App blind. But there exists another solution in particular for the users of Iphone which enables them to find all the applications used easily and to install them.

The solution is called AppAide. As its name lets it to us see, it is about an application which gives a hand the new users of this system by placing at their disposal all the most used applications and consequently the essential applications that one can find on App blind. This application even gathers all the applications used by thousands of the million users on Iphone.

It is therefore sufficient for a new user to click on " +" to add a by one of the applications have appeared in the list of the best applications. We can install the default applications or even search by category. It will have to begin by choosing a browser, and then applications depending on the sector, photo, video, etc.

To install AppAide.

Audio GOM: A free audio reader for Windows 8

The audio readers there is full on the Net and to read the various audio formats free. But that should not take it as excuses not to test other alternatives which can besides be better than the former tools. A good example to be quoted today is called Audio GOM.


The characteristic of this audio reader is that it tried to benefit from the launching of the new version of Windows, Windows 8 to make it compatible with this version. The thing which will be well accommodated by many users who already installed Windows 8. So also you need a free audio reader to use it on your Windows 8 you have only to download Audio GOM.   

This is not very because besides being compatible with Windows 8 Audio GOM should not enormously forget uitilisateurs who always use the other versions of Windows and they will be able to always make recourse to this tool. Without speaking of its beautiful interface, simple and intuitive.

download Audio GOM

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Top extensions google chromium to block sites and to be more productive on line

The social networks are the phenomenon of today. The points of view are different in connection with the utility from these sites. Of a dimension people who think that they constitute a point positive by reinforcing the communication between the people in the whole world and of another another category which sees in these networks a waste of time by referring to the excessive use that make of them to the users in particular the young people without deny the revolution started by these sites in with dimensions one of the communication.

Indeed these points of view were focused more on the first Facebook network which has a great part of criticisms. This network changed the practices of many people and its excessive use enormously prevents people from finding their normal course of the life and influence considerably their credibility. But that nevertheless facebook is not the only site source of distraction, but the Internet in its principle this dimensioned distractif.

If you are somebody who suffers from this situation I can propose some applications to you which can help you to control your use of Facebook or other sites.

1° Facebook Nanny: is an extension which prevented us from reaching the Facebook network except if we have notifications to read. Once installed, she warns us that we do not have new messages and that our access will be only one waste of time.

 2° Nanny for google chromium; is another application which one can program so as to block some sites that one wishes more to visit because they distract us. 

3° Website Blocker: is an extension google chromium which enables us to be more productive on line by blocking sites which waste our time. 

4° Waste No time: is an extension google chromium allowing us to better manage our time that one passes on the Net. 

5° Stayfocusd: as its name indicates it, this extension makes it possible to its users to remain concentrated on what they do and not to be allured by surfing on the Net by limiting time to pass on Internet without interest. 

6° Temporary site blocker: is another extension whose principle is the same one that the others while making it possible to the users to temporarily block the sites. 

7° I amndt studying blocker: is a beautiful application google chromium which also makes it possible to concentrate on what one makes while blocking of the sites. 

8° Block site: this application makes it possible to block sites which one does not wish any more to revisit. She gives the opportunity of using a password for this end. 

9° Blocker Distraction: is a beautiful application to block the sites sources of distraction which we cannot resist like the Facebook network. 

10° Blocker: Another beautiful extension chromium plates to try to block sites which can constitute a waste of time for us

To convert a text into image thanks to Share Ace Image

Share ace Image is an application which resembles the captures screen but which functions only with one contents text. It is a free tool to convert a text into image and to divide it on line thereafter. This kind of services is important in measurement or the images also constitute the contents more divided on the social networks but because these images are simpler to divide and more expressive.

Share as Image is therefore this application that we need to convert a text or a citation in an image and then share this last on social networks by the suite by clicking on "I love" of Facebook, "tweet" on Twitter or on "Pin it" of Pinterest. To begin to use and try to either-even it just drag and drop the application as bookmark in the Favorites bar.

Once added, it is enough thereafter to select the text to be converted into image then to click on the bookmark. The operation of conversion does not take more few seconds and we will be then able to share our image on line. Share ace Image exists into two free version and paying.

To convert a text into image thanks to Share Ace Image

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Note'd: Take notes with Iphone

Note'D is a beautiful application conceived for the beautiful eyes of the users of the Iphone device to enable them to take notes easily and quickly. Thanks to this application, moreover free, one can from now on take notes in a beautiful well organized and convivial interface.

After to have installed Note'D the users of Iphone will not need more a diary and pen in the pocket because their telephone is straightforwardly sufficient to take notes when and or they wish it. While speaking about user-friendliness, this application places at our disposal several free topics to choose some to make its interface more encouraging. Moreover Note' D supports also the files images and audio what is extraordinary for a person who wants all to note around him.

If you need more than safety in particular people who write notes secrete, Note'D also makes it possible to protect our notes using a password. Once finished the users will be able to, since we are at one time of the division, sending their notes via e-mail or dividing them on the Twitter network.

To install Note'D and to start to write the notes via Iphone

Two extensions chromium plates to use the Flickr photographs subjected to the licence of creative Commons

Because the images which are shared online are not all free we must be careful with those that are subject to the copyright. But how can distinguish from each other that is the question. But the good scapegoat is always there to provide solutions. There are still people who think of our place which try to answer the questions arise. A good example are the designers of applications that allow us to easily find these photos on the platform Flickr.

1° Flickr CC Attribution Helper: It is about a beautiful extension google chromium which makes it possible to its users to generate code HTML of attribution for the photographs under licence of Creative Commons. That will make it possible to copy and stick the code on a site or e-mail.

 2° Creative Commons Flickr Images search: is another extension chromium plates relating to the platform of the Flickr photographs which enables us to seek only images and photographs which are subjected to the licence of Creative Commons.

download the official application Amazon Cloud Drive Photographs for Android

Amazon Cloud Drive is very a good solution for the users of Android enabling them to store their files images and photographs and to release the space of the telephone so that it is optimized more. The service of Amazon storage offers 5GB storage in free cloud to each with user whom does a great favour thus for people who like the photographs and take some much daily.

Today has just been born the official application Amazon Cloud Drive Photographs for Android thus allowing to the users these devices to easily store their photographs in a very practical way. The application is equipped with a beautiful simple and well organized interface which at the same time makes it possible to easily add, see and download the photographs.

Amazon Cloud Drive Photographs makes it possible to visualize the photo album on Android in the form of joining so as to choose to visualize in full screen and very top quality.

download the official application Amazon Cloud Drive Photographs for Android

Friday, June 1, 2012

Make old its photos Iphone with Old Photo

Old Maker or Old photo is a free application for Iphone that allows its user to give an effect of seniority in their photos and images. It is a useful tool and fun at the same time because we would all know how would our photos in black and white but also useful, given the colors black and white give a look great in the photos.

In effect the applications of this kind already exist online and may be cited by way of example and Cheapstamatic YourOldPic which are also free but for Iphone the latter is a unique in its kind. It is simple to use, it is sufficient to install Old Photo from the app store and then add a photo to make old by clicking on "upload your photo" below the demonstration which will prompt you to add a photo from your albums or taking a new photo via the camera in real time the rest just happens.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Koubachi: An Iphone application to maintain the plants in real time

If you are a gardener or a particular who loves plants you must have a problem of interaction with your plant for one simple reason is that the plants are not as the animals to scream when they are in need of water, the sun and any other essential component to their development.

But you don't have to worry about since there is someone who has thought of you taking advantage of the development of the mobile technology. Today on your mobile phone you can receive notifications for free guide in your plant care. How is it possible i would you say? Thanks to a nice application called Koubachi.

Very innovative and especially very useful for those who are interested in the world of plants. It is a free application for Iphone that has a incredible stock of any type of plants throughout the world with the characteristic of each of them to help you in real time to better take care of them.

If you think you now have a plant among you, remember to install Koubachi, once installed, you will be able to search for in the stock and then add the same plant that you have in the reality, once added you will receive notifications to tell you when is what he must be the baste etc. before adding any plant you will also be able to have additional information on each plant to learn more about its atmosphere and you can add up to nine plants.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Audiolip: a kind of Twitter audio

Audiolip is a new audio platform online. Its principle is to allow different users to record their audio and then power the share by the following on the social networks including Facebook and Twitter. The site is also a network to assemble a large number of audio recording that users to share and can be listened to by everyone.

Audiolip is the name of this new platform that protect well its name because the audio is its center of interest. Users of this site are invited to record their voice, a small speech and share it with the world via this site. It is easy to use, simply need to register and then begin to recorder his voice by using a micro.

It is a simple service but that will give him his power, this is the success of Twitter because these can be considered as recording audio of the tweets including that each record must not exceed 15 seconds, the equivalent of 140 characters of the tweets. But it can also one of its disadvantages for people who wish to share of so-called long.

Max Tabs: An add-on to limit the number of tabs open on Firefox

One of the main causes of the blocking of our browser when you sail in line is the opening of several windows at a time. This action can certainly increase the download of tabs as well as the passage from one tab to another. To remedy this, I propose to you an extension to motivate them to take necessary precautions.

It is Max Tabs. A nice application that will require you to limit the number of tabs to open on your browser. It is an add-on for the Firefox browser and its principle is simple but very useful especially for those who have this habit of open several windows at a time without worrying about the speed of the browser. This extension will be programd by you in such a way as to notify you of that you have exceeded the number of tabs that you you determined in the settings.

It is a kind of alarm to ensure a good navigation and a normal speed of the browser. Once the alert is displayed you will be forced to close the tabs that you do not need prior to the opening of another.

YouTube MP3 Convert: To convert the YouTube videos on Android

Everyone uses the smartphones today to connect to the internet. It is for this reason that there must be all the applications available for the Windows system for example. If you use Android to connect to the YouTube site you will be able now to convert its videos in MP3 directly on Android.

Yes thanks to the application Tube MP3 convert, the Android users will be able to download and convert their favorite videos in MP3 format on their Android phone. It is a very useful application for the consumers of videos, and the chocoholics of YouTube.

Once converted you can store and listen to your MP3 files from your phone. You can also publish them on Facebook.