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Monday, December 3, 2012

AppAide: To find easily the Iphone applications the most used

For a new user of the portable devices Android or Ios it is essential to find the applications which one usually uses on PC. It is for that it will be necessary to seek all these applications to one on the market Android or App blind. But there exists another solution in particular for the users of Iphone which enables them to find all the applications used easily and to install them.

The solution is called AppAide. As its name lets it to us see, it is about an application which gives a hand the new users of this system by placing at their disposal all the most used applications and consequently the essential applications that one can find on App blind. This application even gathers all the applications used by thousands of the million users on Iphone.

It is therefore sufficient for a new user to click on " +" to add a by one of the applications have appeared in the list of the best applications. We can install the default applications or even search by category. It will have to begin by choosing a browser, and then applications depending on the sector, photo, video, etc.

To install AppAide.

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