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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Audiolip: a kind of Twitter audio

Audiolip is a new audio platform online. Its principle is to allow different users to record their audio and then power the share by the following on the social networks including Facebook and Twitter. The site is also a network to assemble a large number of audio recording that users to share and can be listened to by everyone.

Audiolip is the name of this new platform that protect well its name because the audio is its center of interest. Users of this site are invited to record their voice, a small speech and share it with the world via this site. It is easy to use, simply need to register and then begin to recorder his voice by using a micro.

It is a simple service but that will give him his power, this is the success of Twitter because these can be considered as recording audio of the tweets including that each record must not exceed 15 seconds, the equivalent of 140 characters of the tweets. But it can also one of its disadvantages for people who wish to share of so-called long.

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