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Friday, May 18, 2012

Two social networks similar to Pinterest reserved for men

Pinterest is one of the social networks the most influential currently on the web. It has attracted millions of users for its simplicity and its charm to the level of the design. The same design that attracted other designers in the imitate on other projects. An example is that of KeyIngredient, a network of kitchen. Two other that have attracted our attention are reserved for men i we will quote from below.

1° Dudepins:  It is a reserve network for men in the same style of Pinterest. They can share the photos of everything that is relative to men, pictures of output of men, sport, of purely macho moments.

2° gentlemint :   Is another social network that is inspired by Pinterest and reserved for men or the gentlemen go out. The men are invited to share all that are interested in, there are a lot of sites for women why not a virile network.


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