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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Koubachi: An Iphone application to maintain the plants in real time

If you are a gardener or a particular who loves plants you must have a problem of interaction with your plant for one simple reason is that the plants are not as the animals to scream when they are in need of water, the sun and any other essential component to their development.

But you don't have to worry about since there is someone who has thought of you taking advantage of the development of the mobile technology. Today on your mobile phone you can receive notifications for free guide in your plant care. How is it possible i would you say? Thanks to a nice application called Koubachi.

Very innovative and especially very useful for those who are interested in the world of plants. It is a free application for Iphone that has a incredible stock of any type of plants throughout the world with the characteristic of each of them to help you in real time to better take care of them.

If you think you now have a plant among you, remember to install Koubachi, once installed, you will be able to search for in the stock and then add the same plant that you have in the reality, once added you will receive notifications to tell you when is what he must be the baste etc. before adding any plant you will also be able to have additional information on each plant to learn more about its atmosphere and you can add up to nine plants.

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