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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Note'd: Take notes with Iphone

Note'D is a beautiful application conceived for the beautiful eyes of the users of the Iphone device to enable them to take notes easily and quickly. Thanks to this application, moreover free, one can from now on take notes in a beautiful well organized and convivial interface.

After to have installed Note'D the users of Iphone will not need more a diary and pen in the pocket because their telephone is straightforwardly sufficient to take notes when and or they wish it. While speaking about user-friendliness, this application places at our disposal several free topics to choose some to make its interface more encouraging. Moreover Note' D supports also the files images and audio what is extraordinary for a person who wants all to note around him.

If you need more than safety in particular people who write notes secrete, Note'D also makes it possible to protect our notes using a password. Once finished the users will be able to, since we are at one time of the division, sending their notes via e-mail or dividing them on the Twitter network.

To install Note'D and to start to write the notes via Iphone

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