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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

To convert a text into image thanks to Share Ace Image

Share ace Image is an application which resembles the captures screen but which functions only with one contents text. It is a free tool to convert a text into image and to divide it on line thereafter. This kind of services is important in measurement or the images also constitute the contents more divided on the social networks but because these images are simpler to divide and more expressive.

Share as Image is therefore this application that we need to convert a text or a citation in an image and then share this last on social networks by the suite by clicking on "I love" of Facebook, "tweet" on Twitter or on "Pin it" of Pinterest. To begin to use and try to either-even it just drag and drop the application as bookmark in the Favorites bar.

Once added, it is enough thereafter to select the text to be converted into image then to click on the bookmark. The operation of conversion does not take more few seconds and we will be then able to share our image on line. Share ace Image exists into two free version and paying.

To convert a text into image thanks to Share Ace Image

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