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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Two extensions chromium plates to use the Flickr photographs subjected to the licence of creative Commons

Because the images which are shared online are not all free we must be careful with those that are subject to the copyright. But how can distinguish from each other that is the question. But the good scapegoat is always there to provide solutions. There are still people who think of our place which try to answer the questions arise. A good example are the designers of applications that allow us to easily find these photos on the platform Flickr.

1° Flickr CC Attribution Helper: It is about a beautiful extension google chromium which makes it possible to its users to generate code HTML of attribution for the photographs under licence of Creative Commons. That will make it possible to copy and stick the code on a site or e-mail.

 2° Creative Commons Flickr Images search: is another extension chromium plates relating to the platform of the Flickr photographs which enables us to seek only images and photographs which are subjected to the licence of Creative Commons.

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