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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Top extensions google chromium to block sites and to be more productive on line

The social networks are the phenomenon of today. The points of view are different in connection with the utility from these sites. Of a dimension people who think that they constitute a point positive by reinforcing the communication between the people in the whole world and of another another category which sees in these networks a waste of time by referring to the excessive use that make of them to the users in particular the young people without deny the revolution started by these sites in with dimensions one of the communication.

Indeed these points of view were focused more on the first Facebook network which has a great part of criticisms. This network changed the practices of many people and its excessive use enormously prevents people from finding their normal course of the life and influence considerably their credibility. But that nevertheless facebook is not the only site source of distraction, but the Internet in its principle this dimensioned distractif.

If you are somebody who suffers from this situation I can propose some applications to you which can help you to control your use of Facebook or other sites.

1° Facebook Nanny: is an extension which prevented us from reaching the Facebook network except if we have notifications to read. Once installed, she warns us that we do not have new messages and that our access will be only one waste of time.

 2° Nanny for google chromium; is another application which one can program so as to block some sites that one wishes more to visit because they distract us. 

3° Website Blocker: is an extension google chromium which enables us to be more productive on line by blocking sites which waste our time. 

4° Waste No time: is an extension google chromium allowing us to better manage our time that one passes on the Net. 

5° Stayfocusd: as its name indicates it, this extension makes it possible to its users to remain concentrated on what they do and not to be allured by surfing on the Net by limiting time to pass on Internet without interest. 

6° Temporary site blocker: is another extension whose principle is the same one that the others while making it possible to the users to temporarily block the sites. 

7° I amndt studying blocker: is a beautiful application google chromium which also makes it possible to concentrate on what one makes while blocking of the sites. 

8° Block site: this application makes it possible to block sites which one does not wish any more to revisit. She gives the opportunity of using a password for this end. 

9° Blocker Distraction: is a beautiful application to block the sites sources of distraction which we cannot resist like the Facebook network. 

10° Blocker: Another beautiful extension chromium plates to try to block sites which can constitute a waste of time for us

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