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Friday, February 24, 2012

uwhisp: Send voice messages via Twitter and Facebook

The advantage of MSN Messenger is its ability to allow users to communicate among themselves in writing and orally. It is an asset that few of the services offer. We attended the colossal success of social networks like Facebook and Twitter but the textual communication was sufficient for a user who request without more performance. In effect these networks have also recently in services of Messenger as Jointim for Twitter.

Today there is a new service in the same direction. It is a matter of uwhisp, a good solution for sending voice messages via the social networks of fame Facebook and Twitter. This is an extension which gives us the possibility of exchanging voice messages while working on Facebook and Twitter.

A nice feature of this extension is that it is compatible with multiple browsers including Google chrome, Firefox and Safari. To use, just install it like any other extension, click the icon in the extension and then register and connect the service to its Twitter account or Facebook except that sometimes it is invited to create a second account for use with the second network.

Once connected to a red button appears, click on "REC" to begin recording, once completed one can share in our networks.

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