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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

When the FBI is talking with Scotland Yard, the anonymes are there

The British police investigation on the possible registration by Anonymous of a telephone conference between of the FBI agents and detectives londoners on the group of computer hackers. Anonymous said be able to save this conference confidential.

The hackers Anonymous have made public Friday a telephone conversation that they attribute to the FBI and to the British police devoted to the activities of these same "hackers", a "information obtained illegally", stressed the federal police American in a press release. The registration of nearly 17 minutes was put online on the YouTube web site, accompanied by an email from an FBI agent organizing the conference call for the January 17.

"The information was only intended to responsible for the forces of the order and has been obtained illegally", stated the FBI in a press release. The federal police added that an investigation was initiated to identify and prosecute those responsible to justice. The FBI says that its computer system has not been "violated" on this occasion. The British police Scotland Yard has for its part stated to the AFP "consider" the press information.

"The FBI should be curious to know
the mail attached to the video invites members of the forces of the European order to participate in this telephone conference to "discuss the ongoing investigations relating to Anonymous, Lulzsec, Antisec and other groups" of computer hackers. The mail, which gives details for access to the conference call has been sent to the responsible of the fonts of the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, in particular, but the only participants to identify themselves in the video, are as members of the FBI and Scotland Yard. In a tweet, Anonymous has post the links to the audio recording and added that the FBI "must be curious as to how we are able to read continuously their internal communications, for a long time now". At various times of the conversation, the British policemen and Americans evoke Jake Davis and Ryan Cleary, two British teenagers arrested last year for hacking.

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