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Friday, February 24, 2012

10 applications to clean its ANDROID and make it more efficient

As there is a need to clean our Windows system or Mac for more performance and make the computer more rapid we will need the same options for operating systems mobile as Iphone and ANDROID. The latter, indeed, has several applications that aim to clean up the history of this system and thus improve its performance.

 1° History Eraser Is a nice application whose objective is to crush the history of its camera ANDROID to a faster.

2° Quick History Cleaner:   It is true to its name. This application allows you to erase the history of navigation of a ANDROID system quickly.

3° History Clean:   An application to make the system ANDROID clean and gain more space.

4° History Eraser pro:   An application pro and free to crush the navigation history for ANDROID.

5° Android systeme cleaner:   An application to do the household on ANDROID. A cleaning advance in 
relation to other applications.

Cashe cleaner app:   A cleaner of kosher to release a large space in the memory of his ANDROID.

7° History eraser francais:   A nice application for french nettroyer his camera ANDROID.

 8° Nettoyant 1 click:  In a click this application can clean a camera ANDROID and make it faster as before.

 9° Nettoyeur intelligent:  An intelligent application to clean its system ANDROID of everything that can the burden.

 10 Cache cleaner bonny:  Another nice application to clean the cache on its
 system ANDROID.

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