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Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Dustbins high-tech in the streets of London

In view of the Olympic Games edition 2012 to be held in London this summer, the organizers want to put full sight by installing the bins high-tech in the English capital. In effect, not less than 100 recycling bins high-tech will occupy the city of London. These bins will be equipped with two large LCD screens on both sides. It is not a dustbin interactive to Touchpads. The screens are used to display the information, the commercials as well as the stock market in London. 
They may also distribute the sports results and the strong moments during the olympics. The data are sent from a database via a Wi-fi connection. In fact, these trays are used also for WiFi hotspots, albeit the capital already benefiting from a public network of the most satisfactory. In a first time, 25 bins at LCD screen should be installed before that 75 other landing in a second time. Each tray to recycling should cost 1880 dollars from the taxpayers.

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