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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The internet browser Chrome made its entry on ANDROID

The internet browser from Google is adapted to the latest version of its operating system mobile.

In addition to the default browser for Android, Google offers since Tuesday, the portage of its desktop navigator, Chrome, on its mobile devices. Chrome for ANDROID is available in the framework of a version "beta", compatible only for appliances, smartphone or tablet, teams of android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich", and for users in twelve countries, including the United States and France.

In terms of functionality, the application allows you to synchronize the tabs open and the favorites of both versions of the browser, computer or mobile. It is also possible to send a page in the course of reading on computer, toward its smartphone in order to be able to consult in mobility, as it was already the case with the extension Chromium to Phone developed by Google. The navigation between the different tabs is also simplified, with the passage of one tab to another with the dragging of finger, or a comprehensive view of tabs open.

Finally, the incognito mode already present on the desktop version of Chrome will also do its emergence on the mobile. This mode allows you to not keep in memory the words of past, the history of navigation or the cookies of the sites visited. Has noted that, Chrome for ANDROID is not compatible with Flash, abandoned in favor of HTML5. Adobe had announced, November 2011, stop to develop its Flash Player for smartphones.

By proposing a second browser in addition to the default application, Google returned in competition with third-party developers such as the Mozilla Foundation that distributes Firefox Mobile, or Opera, which offers, in addition to its browser for desktop PC, two browsers to destination of the mobile devices. Nevertheless, as indicated by the mention "beta", it should be that of a testing phase before that Chrome is being extended to all ANDROID devices and installed by default on the mobile OS.

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