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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sony Bloggie Duo

The mini camcorder Sony Bloggie Duo allows you to take part in your own video clip and photos. But that is all it is doing.

The Bloggie Duo is a mini camcorder that has the particularity to possess a second LCD screen 2 inches in front facade which allows you to be a player of your videos or photos. A function not essential but practice just the same.

Except this particularity, the Bloggie Duo is pretty basic. It does not have a lot of functions. This has the merit of simplicity. But it does you will not be many more for your money.

The video quality is not exceptional but in any case be sufficient for what this product is intended to know how to share its clips on Facebook or YouTube. Is better to avoid moving subjects and know that the resolution 1080p does not give extraordinary results on the big screen.

 The Bloggie Duo can also take pictures, in full auto mode only. They are of good quality in full light only. The Bloggie Duo will give you satisfaction if you stick to the purpose for which this camcorder handheld was designed: the sharing of photos and videos online.

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