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Thursday, February 23, 2012

IOS: a security flaw for the lock code

A security flaw allows you to access the phone functions of the iPhone. 

After a security flaw of the Smart Cover on the Ipad 2 which allowed to bypass the lock by code, fortunately corrected under iOS 5.0.1 , here is that a new security flaw allows you to bypass the lock by code on an iPhone. The handling is relatively complex and need to withdraw several times the SIM card while trying to recall a missed call. It then becomes possible to access the log of calls, the favorites and the address books. On the other hand, it still seems impossible to access the applications and the rest of the phone. This new security flaw will surely be corrected with the updated 5.1 of IOS whose output is provided in the course of the month of March, shortly after the presentation of the Ipad 3.

iPhoneIslam found that by trying to make a call using a missed call notification, while without a signal, the iPhone could be unlocked.
Do yourself a favour and skip to 2:40 of the video

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