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Monday, February 6, 2012

Glasses Epson Moverio BT-100: transparency

1. Lunettes vidéo transparentes 
1. Glasses video transparent After Zeiss and Sony, it is the turn of Epson to propose his vision of the glasses for viewing 3D. And so far as to say that with the Moverio BT-100, they have never provided deserves this name. Because, unlike in cells exist, they are transparent and allow you to perceive the environment during the viewing.

Unlike Sony with its HMZ-T1, Epson has opted for a mobile solution for his glasses 3D. The sole source of content will come from the small walkman ANDROID provided. If the idea of providing a key product in hand is good on paper, it suffers from a major defect which is the obligation to use the supplied walkman. At one time or the smartphones contain our videos, it would have been interesting to be able to connect directly to the phone by a output micro-HDMI or even by a connector Apple as the proposed zeiss with its Cinemizer 3D. We could thus have access to a wider choice of video formats. These sunglasses oblige us to carry a device for more and to copy in advance the video that we want to watch.

 while the Sony HMZ-T1 implementation on the insulation supplemented to provide a good immersion, Epson has done a choice radically different. The image is projected from the branches on the glasses on the lenses. The Everything remains transparent and it retains as well an overview of its environment. You can watch a film without cutting themselves completely from the world and this is particularly useful in the transport. However, it is love that a cache opaque either Book a absence all the more unfortunate that the cache smoked standard is a simple piece of plastic easily interchangeable. Once the glasses carriageways and a film launched, it is therefore in the presence of two screens with a resolution of 960x540. Despite a definition fairly low compared to the 720p of the Sony, the image is surprisingly clear and clean. The quality of the colors and the contrast is improving course when one is in a dark environment but the glasses can be used in full day.

Epson announced that these glasses are the equivalent of a screen of 320 inches at 20 meters. In the facts, the size of the screen varies depending on the distance at which you are to the surface and you look at. For that we have two to three meters of decline, the impression of gigantism is effective. The situation is ironically a little less good in a plane, or the seat in front of you severely limit the decrease and therefore the size of the screen. The glasses are able to display 3D (photo files or videos side-by-side) in a manner rather convincingly even if it may be difficult to find a comfortable position in the absence of any setting. We therefore advise you to stay on the 2D which should not be too difficult, given the little 3D content valid. To the extent the rendered in relief is convincing with the depth and obviously no ghost image. For the audio, we advise you to forget the mediocre earphones supplied and to have a good pair of intra-ear.

A walkman too slight
Thick and bulky according to the canons of the moment, the walkman justifies its measurements by the fact that it contains the batteries in the glasses. These batteries are announced as having a life of six hours. Epson has chosen to use ANDROID 2.2 . In the absence of touch screen, the camera is controlled by using the built-in touchpad or of the red cross directional more convenient depending on us. If the operating system is easy to use, it is however unfortunate that only the video player of basis either Book. This severely limits the types of files being read as it is reduced almost to the only MP4. So you are forced to go through the conversion check box before you can transfer a file on the internal memory (1 Gb) or on the card micro-sd. A point all the more difficult to resolve in the ANDROID Market is inaccessible…
Balance Sheet

Although it operates in a manner quite satisfactory, it is difficult for us to advise you on the Moverio BT-100. The problem lies not in the display which is of good quality but rather in the source. The walkman provided is simply not effective enough to ensure a use. For those who wish to watch movies on a trip a tablet, a notebook, or even a large smartphone will be more effective.

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