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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ipad 3 presents the next week?

Apple has sent this night his invitations for an event, which will very probably the Ipad 3. The conference will take place the wednesday, March 7 in San Francisco, 10 hours (19 hours for us). The text of the invitation: "We have something that you have to really see. And touching. ".

The tablet, since its introduction on the market in 2010, has been sold to more than 55 million copies. The year 2011 has been his great success, with 32 million copies sold. Apple would announce by the same occasion the sale of 15.43 million to ipads for this first quarter.

The biggest rumor turning above the new tablet from the Apple is to this day the screen of this last. The latter could in effect see team of 4 times more pixels than the ipads first and second generations, that can offer a resolution of 2048 ×1536. A processor (quadri-heart ?) camera and a more efficient are by the same occasion very expected, as well as taking into account the networks 4G LTE.

The date for the sale of the product this is also one of the main expectations of this conference. Whereas the Ipad 2 was marketed only a week and a half after having been presented, the first tablet from the firm of Cupertino had about it placed nearly three months before landing in the hands of its first owners…

The image accompanying the invitation of the firm raised since this morning to very many rumours, on the screen including, who could use the technology RETINA - that are found now on the latest versions of iPhone and  iPod Touch -, but especially in respect to the button Home of the tablet.

It would, according to some rumours, completely disappeared. I you past a whole bunch of articles that I have read this morning, shouting to the revolution launched by the disappearance of this button, and I have done well smile (MG Siegler, ex-editor on Techcrunch reported, you book a small list in this post on his blog). Given that the same thing had been predicted for the Ipad 2, i think it is actually preferable to wait and see what it really is before to ignite.

In any event, in exactly one week, we will be fixed.

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