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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Two applications to make screenshots of a web site

One of the benefits of screen capture of web sites, including for the bloggers and webmasters, is to know as the other see our site or blog. Because a blog does not appear always to the other in the same way that we can see. It is for this reason that there are online applications that allow us to take these catches screen. The applications that are are usually based in the United States, the thing that can give us an idea on the look of a site from a different IP to our.
 If you need to take screen shots of a site anyone who for one reason or another i you proposed here two beautiful practical applications and simple to use.

1° Megasnaps  It is a nice application of a screen shot of a site which offers several capture size. If you have the chance to be the only one in the tail of the sites, you only need 20 seconds to generate your capture.

2° snapito  Is another application of the same kind that it is sufficient to enter the URL of a site to generate a screen capture of large size. The screen shots generated by snapito are clearer.

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