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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Create an animated gif free thanks to Loogix

Loogix is a beautiful free online application that allows you to create an animated gif easily. Nothing is as easy as to create a gif with this service. It is sufficient to add images from its hard disk for the transform into gif. You will be able to add multiple images as you can add two or three only. from the images added the tool will generate gifs with the speed and the size you want.

This application is very useful to the extent or the gifs are a new form of expression very addressed especially on social networks, then if you have images that you would like to transform into animated gifs to share with your friends, loogix is just what you need. In just a few steps, once the images submitted to the application, you will be invited to choose the size of the gifs that suits you and the speed of the animation before you click on "generate animation".

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