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Monday, April 23, 2012

Dropbox proposed the sharing of files and directories via a link

Whereas the arrival of the online storage service Drive of Google seems imminent, see potentially available through You By Insync is only available in, Dropbox has just announced that a new option was available for his backup service in the clouds: the sharing of files, or simply via a directory link. This feature is already available on Android, while it should arrive quickly on the web site of the hoster.

The latter allows therefore to share simply, and without any additional formalities, a part of your Dropbox to other people. In effect, your interlocutors do not need to have an account to enjoy, they will need to have the link. We regret however that it is not possible to add a password to protect a minimum the documents in question.

As a reminder, this option is already available in some of its competitors with, for example, SugarSync which you also proposes to create public links to perform a share, but only for a file and not for a directory.

If ever your directory contains photos or videos, it will be possible to preview them on the web site. Dropbox adds that if you have an account, you can also add them to the latter. Of course, your rights to stop there and you will not be able to delete or edit a file.Note By against that you have the ability to revoke a share. For this, it is sufficient to access it via the link while logged in with your account, and then click on the toothed wheel on the top right. No

Summary does appears to be available in order to follow all of the shared that you have made.

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