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Monday, April 9, 2012

Newsmap: An application to read google news in color

Google News is a google service that allows you to read any sort of information to its publication. It is a kind of global chain that follows everything that is published and it is shared online in real time. But this service has not changed in appearance since its creation, at the time or the users have been waiting to see other options to better take advantage of the service.

Fortunately this is no longer the case, thanks to a nice application as NewsMap, users can follow google news otherwise, at least in color and in a beautiful well-organized interface which allows you to distinguish between the different information. As the name reveals, it is a kind of map to the info google and in colors. If you have the habit of using this service, you'll probably love this new option which supports all the languages and a lot of countries. Users can also choose the type of info to read according to the topics below the table. No registration is required, it is sufficient to connect to the site and then choose the country which the news we are interested in and it is done.

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