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Monday, April 9, 2012

Extract the images of office documents with Office Image Extraction Wizard

There are several programs and tools to extract images from PDF documents for use in hand. But few are those that are used to extract these images from office documents such as Excel, and Powerpoint. One of the best examples in this direction is called Office Image Extraction Wizard.

It is a powerful program capable of extracting images from office document such as Excel. You will be able to extract your images easily from any office document. This is a free solution for users of the Windows operating system and which works as a sort of wizard.

One of the special feature of Office Image Extraction Wizard is that it supports several different file formats. The operation of extraction of images can be performed as well on the focuments office such as Excel or Powerpoint, openpffice, Neoffice, Word and many others that on the PDF files

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