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Monday, April 23, 2012

Google will unify its sites around Google+

In a long letter to investors to Google, made public friday, Larry Page is the record of his work at the head of the company he created with Sergey Brin in 1998 and which he took over the direction it was exactly one year ago.

The CEO is on the role of Google+ in Google. "With more than 120 integrations [Editor's note: Google+] to come (including search Google, YouTube and Android), we are on the right track", he says. According to Larry Page, the unification of the services of Google will allow to propose always more relevant results to ensure users have access only to what the really interested: "These are difficult problems to solve without knowing your identity, your centers of interest or the people that are of interest to you".

To allow this simplification, Google has reviewed in depth its conditions of use on 1 March, in order to unify in one and the same text. Larry Page admits that this change has generated significant debate among the internet surfers, but that it was essential to enjoy a "experience much better, more intuitive of Google". This simplification of the research constitutes the "primary objective" of the company in 2012. Larry Page also returns to the "mistakes" of Google, as the recent change of interface which is able to "disrupt users in a prime time". "When we make mistakes, we are trying to the repair as quickly as possible", defends it.

In the future, Larry Page promises that Google will seek to make the Web more open and accessible information as quickly as possible. He noted as well that there is "a huge amount of data in the world which is not yet made public". It thus proposes to display the data in the results of Google using "deep partnerships between the various sectors in many countries". According to the Wall Street Journal, Google will soon respond directly to questions of the users at the top of the search results, and not just the keywords.

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