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Monday, April 9, 2012

4 Services to use the shortcuts links without risk

The users of social networks are forced to use the services of shortening links including on Twitter to get more characters for the tweet. But the concern that raise a lot of these services is that a lot of users who clicked on these hidden links in the shortcuts do not know where this leads, which calls into question the safety of the users on these networks. To remedy this situation the users have to go through the applications whose security is proven or other services that can verify the destination of links without having to click it.

1° longurl  This is a site that allows its users to discover the site of destination to which leads the shortened link before use.

2° urlxray  A nice application that can reveal the links long who hide behind the shortcuts links. You can click through the following on the true link.

3° sucuri  A free service for putting us in security and away from the risk of malware that are hiding behind a few shortcuts. It allows you to discover the true link.

4° urlex  Another free application, quick and easy to discover the real links of shortcuts to not be victim of the virus or sites of scam.

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