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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How to read the entire article on Google Reader?

Users of google Reader must have noticed that they can read only the executive summary of the feed which they are subscribed, all depends much on the choice of its author, who has chosen to share all of the content on the RSS feed or only the small summary which includes the first paragraphs of the article so as to arouse the curiosity of the reader and go read the whole on the original site. But today the users have the option to read this feed in full without having to leave google Reader. Therefore, how?

Thanks to a new application called Super Full feeds for google Reader that is in effect an extension for the users of google chrome which is true to its name. Its goal is to lengthen the summary provided by the author of the article as RSS feed to read the entire article on the same page. This may be a collateral damage for the blogger but it is as well its principle. How do I use it? Very simple, just install it like any other extension and once installed you will find other options added to the menu at the top of your player. Click on "super setthings" and choose "full entry content" or on "readable".

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