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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Draw and edit the images on Windows thanks to Hornil StylePix

On this blog applicanet we have already spoken of several applications that allow you to edit images and the retouching of photos online. This are applications that can be of alternatives to Windows desktop tools that come with this system by default. But if you always hold to work on Windows I propose to you try Hornil StylePix, a difficult name to remember but very useful to edit your images.

This is a free tool compatible with Windows which allows users of this system and amateurs alike to the edition of images and photos to edit their images and photos but also the resize. You will be able to add a text to your pictures, their apply effects by changing the colors, rotate the images and correct the red eyes. In addition, if you do not have images to edit you can draw with this tool and create your own original image.

Hornil StylePix exists in several versions including one notebook that can be installed from a USB key and in several languages.

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