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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fast Facebook, a Facebook client for Android

Fast Facebook is a nice Facebook application for Android which allows its user to quickly connect to their account on the network. The novelty and the difference between this application and the other already existing is that it is lighter to facilitate the connection to the people who have phones less efficient.

If you have suffered from the cumbersome nature of the Facebook network on your phone, this application can give you a free solution, its principle is to omit several options that can consume the memory and therefore make it more heavy a phone as the notifications etc. Fast Facebook is a informal application for Facebook and a client which facilitates the access to the network for the Android phones less efficient.

This application is still in beta version and I invite you to try if you have the desire to connect to the network heavy Facebook, even if the cumbersome and slow may indeed be due to our connection. This client offers all the options offered by Facebook.

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