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Monday, March 26, 2012

Bookr: Create a book with images from Flickr

Bookr is a fun application that allows its users to create a book with the photos to Flickr. Its name summary its operation, Book which means the book and "r" which refers to the platform of photos and Flickr pictures.

We can create virtual small books with personal text and images from Flickr. It is a service that allows you in some way to appoint the photos on Flickr by adding the text as the title of the page from the book and then the image that is being added to from Flickr. To use it, it does not require any registration, it is enough to choose a name and a tag to seek and find on Flickr of images relating to our interests. We are also able to add text to our photos and several pages to create a beautiful book with beautiful pictures of all kinds.

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