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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lock your android application : 3 free solutions

Android has become since some time the operating system a number which is installed in our smartphones, shelves .... the number of applications available on google play is in constant progress. We install all not bad for applications on our equipment but are we on to be quiet level security screws a screw of the confidentiality of our applications and our relatives, friends . .... Here are today 3 free solutions which will enable us to lock the latter on our devices.

When I spoke to lock the applications present on our smartphones .. . i think well on, locking of any application by password or other.

APP lock :  AppLock, is a solid tool for locking down the applications. AppLock will protect your applications installed by using a password or a pattern. Uncannily enough tool for a free, it can lock any application which is really nice.

Fast App Lock:  A good coup of hand to protect your mobile phone with the first use you won't have to worry about prying eyes or the theft of information. Touch the widget on your "office" to lock or unlock the applications. Easy to use, this application quickly becomes essential to your daily life.

  Smart App Protector:   Smart App Protector protects the applications that you choose with a password or a model. Small more, this application can also disable the applications that you choose and a few other small interesting tidbits.

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