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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A chrome extension to see images of Wikipedia without leaving the article

Wikipedia is a real mine of information that appears the first on the pages google when they search. You have probably used this encyclopedia many times and you should notice that whenever we wish to see a photo that shows the article we sum compelled to leave the article to see the image in its original size. This concern is no longer with an application for users of google chrome.

It is in fact an extension called google chrome Wikipedia Preview Image which the objective is to view the images in their maximum size without having to leave the article that we are in the process of reading. It is an application that seems to have taken the time to see the day given that this kind of services already exists for the social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

After the installation you can simply click on the image to view and it will be open to full screen to see all its detailed in the original size in high quality and the article appears below which one can go back directly after the window closes for the image.

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