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Monday, March 12, 2012

6 Applications to talk to a robot online

The world has become officially crazy me would you? Well not wait to see this. There is an application that allows users to speak with a robot and worse still is that there are several online today. I wonder what all these social networks which allow communication between the "real" individuals. Talking to a robot can be done by curiosity to know what he will say in response to our questions, but have so many online need a study to see whether there are actually people who spend hours and hours to speak to these tricks. For the try in here are just a few.


1° cleverbot:  It is the most famous of all, it is a robot with which we can discuss in English because it "lives" in scotland. It also supports the mobile devices.
 2° jabberwacky:  Another robot who wants to discuss with you online to pass the time. The latter it is he who started the discussion.
 3° alicebot:  A robot a little advance in relation to the other because the latter spoke with you. There is a of two sexes, man and woman, you choose.
Evie:  Another robot disguised as a pretty woman who talks about everything and nothing with you for hours if you want to.
5° icogno A beautiful woman robot who discussed with you in speaking and, using the full sign language as a real woman.
 6° verbots:  Is a very intelligent robot who is here to answer all your questions. It is a good example of artificial intelligence.

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