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Thursday, March 8, 2012 a service to unsubscribe the mailing lists

We have often to enroll in email list without having really need. After some time it is overwhelmed by the number of messages that it receives needlessly in our box that we take a lot of time for the clear especially if it comes to these daily email messages. The worst is that you cannot unsubscribe without having to go to the site in question.

But the evolution of the applications we surprises me at all times. In this sense a nice application is created to allow us to unsubscribe to one or more lists of email without having to do so one by one. It is to, a service that constitutes an invitation to any person flooded messages from mailing lists to get rid of this nightmare.

The service only supports for the moment that Gmail as service email, but there are more to come. For the use it is sufficient to connect to the site, choose the email in the list, it must Gmail which is supported and then click on "continue". After under will be invited to give access to this service to our account and then you will have a mailing list which we would like to unsubscribe.

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