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Monday, March 5, 2012

TwooglePlus: Automatically Publish the contents Twitter on Google Plus

Since its launch a few months ago Google Plus has attracted more and more users thanks to the promotion strong that his godfather google him has devoted. This social network has almost all the applications and extensions which have also been created for its predecessors such as Twitter and Facebook except one that everyone expects including bloggers, that which allows us to publish automatically on the network.

An application is now available to help us accomplish this task. It is a matter of TwooglePlus. It is a free tool whose purpose is to help us publish a content on the two networks Twitter and Google Plus. To take full advantage of this service, you simply connect a Twitter account at the same time to Twitterfeed and TwooglePlus to publish automatically on Twitter and tweets will be published on Google Plus.

As a bonus of the service, you can even connect several accounts Twitter and publish their content on Google Plus.

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