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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Create free logo: 10 sites to draw on the ideas of other

Each company or a blog must have a distinctive mark or his own logo which stands out from the other. A professional logo is a necessity and a blogger or a contractor is requested to call in a professional field. Except if he mastered the techniques of design a blogger can make use of the most well-known tools such as Photoshop or even free applications online that allow you to create a logo at no charge. But because of a lack of inspiration you may need a few reference in this side. That is why I thought to quote here a few sites that have a number of logos loans for inspiration to create the our.

1° logofaves A good reference site for logos for inspiration. You can search by the most recent, most popular random or logos.

 2° logomoose:  This site features logos of very high quality that deserves to be guided to customize ours.

  3°logolounge: A beautiful site of logos to inspire the furbishing. It is updated almost daily with new logos.

 4° logofury : A website which presents a number of logos with new ideas which would indicate a very good imagination and a extraordinary creativity.

 5° creattica:   A true site design which presents samples not only of logos but also business cards, graphics, templates of sites .

6° logopond:  A good example to emulate in terms of design of logos. It includes the logos of high quality and a fabulous imagination.

7° logooftheday:  Each you will find a new logo on this site. If you want to create a simple logo i suggest you take a look on this site.

 8° logofromdreams;  The ideas of great logos are not to be missed on this site. As its name said this are logos, that come from the imagination and dreams of their creator.

9° logospire:  Before you create your logo take a look at this site to inspire you to beautiful ideas that it brings to light.

10° brandsoftheworld:  A good library of logos simple for the beautiful eyes of furbishing for inspiration and create their own logo.

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