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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ifacebook: a Mac application to connect to Facebook

Consult the social network Facebook is becoming one of our daily duties that no one can deny. Facebook has changed a lot of things in the world where we live. Its icon appears everywhere we look. Even the television channels, the presidents of the united have accounts on this network. For this success are born applications that allow for better use Facebook. Up to now, on this blog, I have spoken only of the applications for Windows.
Today I would like to talk about other applications for this network, but for the Mac operating system. It is of ifacebook, a nice application that allows its users to connect to Facebook from their Mac computer. It is a free application whose interface is similar to that of Facebook including almost all of the options.
It is a kind of version Facebook but for the office with its advantages, such as the speed of access and the simplicity of the download of pictures and the content of this network. ifacebook is only in English for the moment.

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