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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Make a nice photo collages Facebook with LOUPE

Shape Collage, famous software to achieve quickly and automatically to friendly mounts photo in the shape of heart, to chat or even by horse, just to make his appearance as the on-line service to the social network Facebook. We are doing together a small tour of the owner...

LOUPE is therefore an application for Facebook, which will enable you to make a nice photo collages from your albums Facebook or those of your friends, all very simply and quickly.

How does it work?

° Visit the site and click the button "Get started"

° Follow the small green arrow and click the button "New"

° Here, allow Loupe to interact with Facebook by clicking on "Connect with Facebook" and then "Authorize"

° At present, Loupe will display all your photos and a list of all your friends

° Then select the album of your choice and then the photos that you want to see appear on the paste. Then click on the button "Done"

° Loupe will then import all your photos

° Locate the menu at the top of the box and select the form of your choice

° Loupe deals with all the rest by creating, under your eyes Blankly, the form selected previously

The collages made are quite impressive and if ever you don't like the default configuration, you should be aware that you can add as many photos as you want. You can also enlarge, reduce, the move, or even delete
 them. Finally, you have no more than to share your creation by clicking on the button "Share" . Here, magnifying glass you will propose to save your paste in an album, to publish directly on your Facebook wall or even to copy the URL that is provided in order to share it with all your e-buddies via Twitter, Google+, MSN, i past and of the best

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