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Sunday, March 11, 2012

An application for Android Molome: a social network of photos

The social networks of photos are proliferating and Molome now has an Android application.
After the success of Instagram on IOS, many social networks have taken over the concept, because it is still exclusive to this platform. Competitors such as PicPlz, Plixi Molome Lockerz and now trying to come to steal the spotlight.
Molome (to pronounce to the english) is therefore a social network, or the owners of mobile applications can exchange photos taken from their device. There is also a web site, which may be only be used as a viewer. The interest is to be able to apply filters (a twenties is available) on your photos, to emphasize its theme.
Once your realization is complete, you can share on Facebook and Twitter. As you use, you can earn badges that will help you for example to access new filters. Note that unlike Instagram, they are free.
Therefore, if you love photography, you will need to add this network in your favorites. But its added value compared to its competitors is all the same thin. Only the community will decide what service will survive in the months to come!
L’application nécessite un terminal sous Android 2.1+ (seules les résolutions de 800 x 480 et 480 x 320 sont supportées). 3,8 Mo seront nécessaires pour le téléchargement et aucune donnée ne pourra être transférée vers la carte microSD :


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