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Monday, March 5, 2012

Vsnap: Send video messages via e-mail

Send text messages is no longer sufficient at a time when technology is experiencing a effervescence, is the audio not more. That is why the image and the animated image took the front. When i spoke of the animated image i spoke of the video. Video messages have become habitual and more practices

If you're looking for other alternatives, let me introduce you Vsnap. A nice application of the principle is to send video messages via email. It is also practical to receive massages in its email after the habit to receive long texts, why not say what you want in a video of 60 seconds.

The advantage of this application is that we can talk about the subject directly without talk about his health because you see the person who spoke in good form. Go directly to the essential and take advantage of 60 seconds offered free of charge by Vsnap and send video messages via email.

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