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Friday, March 9, 2012

FriendSheet: See the photos from Facebook to the manner of Pinterest

Yesterday I gave you submit TwooglePlus, an application that allows you to connect Twitter to google Plus to publish directly the tweets on this new network. It seems that the social networks have understood that the success of a network can cause the success of the other. That is why we are seeing the birth of beautiful applications to better take advantage of the a and the other.

In this sense I would like to talk about an application that allows you to view the pictures on Facebook as on Pinterest. It is of FriendSheet, it is a kind of inspiration which enables users to take advantage of the network options Pinterest without leaving Facebook.

To use it, simply, as for any application, to give him access to our Facebook account to be able to achieve our photos. Once synchronized, the photos will be displayed automatically in the manner of Pinterest. A time to disconnect from the network Facebook the application automatically disconnects.

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