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Friday, March 9, 2012

Social Photos: An application for the exchange of photos between the social networks

Social networks may not survive far from other networks. You will always find a complementarity at the level of ideas but also the content. Each network is doing its best to have its share of traffic on the other. It is for this reason there are additional applications that allow you to move from one to the other or for use at the same time.

The most common example is to use the images of a social network on another. If you are a member on Facebook, Google Plus and that of the Flickr photos, you have the possibility to send the photos of the latter toward that and vice versa. Social photos can help you to make this migration in a simple drag/drop.

To use it, simply to access all the accounts on the various networks through this application and uniting all users will be able to drag and drop the photos for a network to the other easily.

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