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Friday, March 9, 2012

Pause for Later: pause your videos online and save the position of reading

It lack the platforms of videos such as YouTube, Hulu or Vimeo, an option which would allow to pause a long video online that you do not have the time to watch until the end, and save it to resume playing later where you stopped. As often, it is the side extensions for browser, we need to look for a solution. For a free registration on the site of the application, Pause for Later for Google Chrome stored the address of the video that you watch, as well as your position on the timeline of the video.
Once the extension installed, simply click on the button in the toolbar to pause the video (the first time you access the application, you will be asked to create your online account, go here without fear, it is free). Your playback window is replaced by the page of the site of the application on which you will find a thumbnail of your video, and its legend, as well as the time information indicating where you were in the reading when you clicked on the icon of the extension.

A click on the Actions button opens a menu through which you can copy the full link or a link pointing to the short video and including its temporal information stored. You also have a few other options as the clearing of the memorization of the video, the possibility to start from the beginning or to make public your recording.
Pause for Later is an extension still in beta but totally functional: it performs perfectly its promises, that is to say pause a video online for later resume reading or you left off. Through the ability to save multiple videos paused, it can also serve as a playlist.

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